Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Downside to Being a Tester!

The world is moving fast towards realizing the true importance of software testing. Gone are the days where management was biased against testers or testing teams. Today, we, the testers, are being looked upon as an integral part of product development. Well, the previous two statements still don't stand true for most of us, because most of us find ourselves working with not-so-great companies. With changing times, the expectations from testing teams have also been raised. The testers are now expected to test more complex scenarios with the intent to uncover more bugs than before. The world of testing is changing fast and the speed of change is no less for pure testers. By "pure" I mean "People who don't do anything else." While this may seem like a great career, and a cool way to get a first job in the business, the truth is less alluring.

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