Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Test Plan & Strategy

Most testing teams, at some point in time of their existence, gets involve in creating Test Plans & Strategy documents. For those who are attempting it for first time and would like to understand the purpose of these documents and what should they contain, below is an attempt to explain in a simple manner:

Define Test Plan and Test Strategy?
A Test Plan details the “WHATs”, while a Test Strategy explain the “HOWs” of testing.
Test Plan covers:
What needs to be done – in scope?
What all Apps/Modules?
What all platforms?
What all OS/Browsers?
By What date do we need to finish?
What all risks can we encounter?
What all tools/frameworks/languages?
What all people will be involved?
Test Strategy covers:
How are we going to test?
How will we write tests?
How will we automate?
How will be script?
How will we report defects?
How will the final status look like?
Q: Do Test Plan & Test Strategy documents exists as separate documents (always)?
As you can see from above, many points under Test Plan and Test Strategy, depends upon each other. Hence, both plan & strategy can exist within same document as sections or as separate documents but with a reference to the other.